I am cycling solo from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Gulf. The mission objectives are: 1) to meet others with mental and physical disabilities, 2) to use this medium as a ministry, and 3) to be an inspiration, to be inspired and to share the gospel. My challenges have left room for empathy and compassion and given me the desire to push myself and others to be their best. I hope to utilize my love of stories and the people in them to enter people's lives and affect a tangible improvement. I cannot estimate the amount or type of change, but I do know we all are looking for more joy and fulfillment that I believe only the Lord can provide.
When:August 20, 2011 - October 21, 2011 (60 days on the road).
Where: the headwaters of the Mississippi River Lake Itasca, MN to New Orleans, LA ( 1,912 miles).
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gospel

I want to share more about the inspiration for this trip. I have found the freedom in Christ to take on tasks that scare and overwhelm me. I am not a thrill seeker, at times I would rather have a more normal life but the special filling that comes from God is the most comfortable and reassuring place on earth and in heaven. If you have read the mission statement you know the goals are lofty and I pray they are more than just rhetoric. I desire to see change and I know I might fail but transforming hearts by the blood of Christ never fails and therefore I can cycle to the Golf boldly.  What follows is a little more of the specifics of what I believe.

Salvation: Salvation comes through knowing Jesus Christ and understanding his death at Calvery and his ressurection. To gain salvation, one must recognize why they need salvation and ask for forgiveness and ask the Lord to lead their life.

Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ is the name of God that became flesh to redeem a sinful world. He became the propitiation for our sins. He lived in the world and was tempted, worked, and loved perfectly. Through the spirit, we become sanctified, but I believe our sinful nature will always have a grip upon us which creates the separation between man and God. This is the reason we need salvation.

The Holy Spirit and Gifts: Both the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts are present in our every day lives. The Holy Spirit is our guide and comforter. The Holy Spirit has the power to teach us and transform our lives. The Spirit can unlock our spiritual gifts and allows us to use them in powerful ways.

The Bible: The Bible is divinely breathed of God and therefore we must strive to understand a literal translation in a modern world. The Bible is a cornerstone of Christianity. I am still working on understanding many subjects in the Bible, such as the historical perspective of creation, suffering, and being a part of "The Elect" (followers of Christ). I am looking forward to God opening up more understanding of these important subjects, either on this earth, or in eternity.

Home Church: Bethany Baptist - gunnison CO

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