I am cycling solo from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Gulf. The mission objectives are: 1) to meet others with mental and physical disabilities, 2) to use this medium as a ministry, and 3) to be an inspiration, to be inspired and to share the gospel. My challenges have left room for empathy and compassion and given me the desire to push myself and others to be their best. I hope to utilize my love of stories and the people in them to enter people's lives and affect a tangible improvement. I cannot estimate the amount or type of change, but I do know we all are looking for more joy and fulfillment that I believe only the Lord can provide.
When:August 20, 2011 - October 21, 2011 (60 days on the road).
Where: the headwaters of the Mississippi River Lake Itasca, MN to New Orleans, LA ( 1,912 miles).
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Monday, February 7, 2011


Preparation Objectives (goals to be met by July 1st): 1) finalize the route, 2) contact people with disabilities and schedule a time to meet with them as I travel through towns along the route, 3) have 60 sponsors, 4) have my Peugeot tuned up and the bob (bike trailer) aluminum box made and packed, 5) practice using my Garman GPS, 6) become proficient with my audio recording device, 7) be physically ready by sticking to the training plan (includes stretching daily, cycling when possible during the winter, and intensive training on the road two months before the trip).

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